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The DIGI-STEEL story can trace its roots back to 1990 when two of our founders embarked on their respective journeys into the Structural Steel Industry. One went on to head up one of the world’s biggest Steel CNC Machinery Companies, another becoming a production software expert and the third founder starting out in fabrication, before joining a global steel management software business.

The founders collective experience of both using and developing traditional software solutions highlighted some shared key frustrations with every application on the market at that time. Chief of which was the fact that those solutions all created multiple, separate silos of data - resulting in the need for intensive manual intervention, which in turn led to costly inefficiencies - and errors.

Another major headache for both camps was the fact that everything was enterprise software. Hitting cash flow hard, this software was not only very costly, but difficult to install and upgrade; and often unstable. Because the software resided locally it also required a heavy investment in hardware and would bog down users' systems

DIGI-STEEL was conceived to disrupt the market and innovate by minimising the need for user interaction in creating a completely seamless data chain, allowing information to pass from model to machine effortlessly. Additionally, it was built from the ground up to be the first all-cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

After many years of development we believe that today, the DIGI-STEEL solution represents the best software option on the market - at any price. DIGI-STEEL aims to become the go-to software within the steel fabrication space globally, and we’d love to invite you to join us on our journey.

Book a demo today and discover the many ways our next-generation steel workshop management software can streamline your workflow, reduce costs and boost profitability for your business.


Simon Inman

Managing director

Jochem Verburg

Product manager

Emiel ter Harmsel

Sales Manager

David McLean

Head of technology

Phil Beardshaw

Head of Testing

Gerwin Ligtenberg

Cloud Development Manager

Dave Shaw

Lead, Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Chris Priestland

Lead, Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Chris Paulson

Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Leon Winstanley

Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Daniel Woodward

Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Max Russell

Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Runu Ali

Full Stack Developer, DIGI-Steel

Nick Carter Roe

Lead, Full Stack Developer, BIM

Chris Long

Full Stack Developer, BIM

Jack Cater

Full Stack Developer, BIM

Danny Garvanski

Full Stack Developer, MES

Andrew Ives Smith

Full Stack Developer, MES

Jim Greasley

Lead, Full Stack Developer, MES

Mark Bath

Full Stack Developer

James Hodson

Support, DIGI-Steel

Lee Virdee

BA - DIGI-Steel

Joe Burkey

Automated Tester

Jonathan Debbage

Manual Tester

Elsa Bartley

UX Lead

Christie Richards

UI Designer

Our Mission

"Optimize your productivity to perfection while managing by exception"

Our Vision

Through our cloud-based software application we automate and optimise the production flow for steel processors globally. We develop this future proof environment based on cutting edge technologies and years of experience within steel machinery, software and steel construction sectors. Our goal is to exceed your business expectations and help your progress to the next level.

How we make a difference

Our team is committed to

Elevate business to the next level

We aim for product leadership

Together we can realise a brighter future of steel processing, because we put your needs first.

Customer service

Keeping a customer demands more skill than winning one

Decades of experience

A team with decades of expertise building software solutions for steel processors

Trust, Integrity & Security

Our number #1 priority is to protect people, systems, data and assets at all times

Innovation driven

We are the first fully cloud based software solution within the steel processing market


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